Worth A Thousand Words – Former Rivals Time Vortex

I like to think that Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd were looking into the future and seeing the 2013-14 NBA season unfold when this photo was taken. It was a tough year to be a Celtics fan, seeing Pierce and Kevin Garnett playing for the Nets, and playing for longtime rival Kidd. Pierce and Garnett (especially Garnett) are not the players they used to be, and Kidd is not nearly as good at coaching as he was at playing.

Growing up, I couldn’t stand Jason Kidd. When he was the star point guard for the New Jersey Nets, he kept getting in the Celtics’ way. He was an easy guy to hate, and it felt weird rooting for him because he was coaching Paul Pierce. Now that that season is over, and the (now Brooklyn) Nets lost to Miami, and Pierce is set to become a free agent, it’s not so bad. The Celtics got three first round draft picks in exchange for one year of Paul Pierce and a beyond washed up KG.

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