What’s wrong with this picture?

I knew it was going to happen, but it still feels weird seeing Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce holding up their new Brooklyn Nets jerseys. It’s obviously not the first time superstar players have changed teams, and it’s even the second time KG has done so, but here are some more pictures that just don’t look right because they’re not the colors you remember these players wearing:

Joe Montana, Kansas City Chiefs

Mike Piazza, Florida Marlins

Bobby Orr, Chicago Blackhawks

Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards

Jerry Rice, Seattle Seahawks

Ted Williams, Washington Senators

Mark Messier, Vancouver Canucks

Hakeem Olajuwon, Toronto Raptors

Emmitt Smith, Arizona Cardinals

Harmon Killebrew, Kansas City Royals

Brian Leetch, Boston Bruins

Patrick Ewing, Seattle Supersonics

Randy Moss, Tennessee Titans

Babe Ruth, Boston Braves

Chris Chelios, Atlanta Trashers

Shaquille O’Neal, Boston Celtics

Levar Arrington, New York Giants

Frank Thomas, Toronto Blue Jays

Wayne Gretzky, St. Louis Blues

Karl Malone, Los Angeles Lakers

Wow. Remember when those guys played for those teams? Yeah, me neither.

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