Seguin Out, Eriksson In

Just like that, the Tyler Seguin Era in Boston Bruins history is over. Seguin, along with Rich “High Glass” Peverley, was traded to the Dallas Stars for 27 year old Swedish forward Loui Eriksson and a handful of prospects including defenseman Joe Morrow.

Seguin was supposed to be the next great thing in Boston after being drafted 2nd overall in 2010, but he hadn’t been able to make the leap and play up to his potential. He’s only 21 and has a lot of hockey left in him, but his lack of discipline frustrated the Bruins coaching staff, front office, and fans during the playoff run this spring. Seguin was a non-factor for most of the playoffs and the team was frustrated with the amount of partying he was doing. After Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli publicly criticized Seguin at the NHL Draft last weekend, I’m not surprised that they shipped him out of town. If I were the one running the Bruins, I might have given him another year to prove himself, but Chiarelli liked the offer he got from Dallas and decided to make the move. That’s why he’s an NHL GM and I’m just a guy to types his thoughts about sports and pop culture to his ten readers on a semi-regular basis.

In Eriksson, the Bruins get a good two-way player. He handles the puck well and plays good defense. He should be able to help fellow Swede Carl Soderberg adjust to life in the NHL next season. It’s not a bad haul for a guy who didn’t produce in the playoffs and is getting a pay raise this upcoming season.

After a couple years of mostly standing pat and keeping the roster together, Chiarelli and the Bruins are wheeling and dealing this summer and I love it. They weren’t good enough to beat Chicago as they were currently constructed and they’re doing what they can to improve while staying under the salary cap. I also love that the Bruins are being linked to the biggest names available on the free agent market this summer. They weren’t able to land Vincent Lecavelier who signed with the Philadelphia Flyers, but there is talk of them trying to sign Danny Briere, Jarome “Pick ‘Em” Iginla, and Daniel Alfredsson. I would be happy to see any of those guys come to Boston to try and win a Cup or two, even if Iginla had his chance in March and chose Pittsburgh. The offseason isn’t even two weeks old and there’s all kinds of buzz around this team. It’s great to know the season will be starting on time, and when it does, the Bruins roster will be retooled and ready to go.


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  1. Nice read. I think Boston have gained a player that fits their system in Eriksson while Seguin never really did.

    Maybe a trade that works out well for both players and teams?

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